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If you could have an attic retreat, what would you put in it or make it look like, or how might you construct it? I'm researching my attic renovation and I'm hoping for killer ideas.

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Jul. 11th, 2010

What are wearing *right now*?
Where are you sitting *right now*?

I'm wearing a navy blue T-shirt dress and I'm sitting at Dr. Sweetheart's computer in the computer room.

I have coffee, which means that I'm plenty dangerous.

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Today is Dr. Sweetheart's birthday. He is a magnificent man and I love him lots. Many lots. I'm taking him out this morning for a treasure hunt, and I can't wait for him to wake up!

What do you like to do for your loved ones on your birthdays? I'm normally terrible at this and could use inspiration.

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It is to squee!

What an incredible day I've had! Today I met a P.A.N. fan for coffee, dishing about poly philosophy, and poly history. She was smart and adorable and had really good ideas for rejiggering the P.A.N. website design, and implementing many of those ideas is part of what I have planned for the rest of my night--that and watching Karate Kid II.

I also recorded a P.A.N. 'cast about legal poly marriage bonds, and I recorded this with a real live lawyer and with input from another lawyer. They both did a remarkable job, and I can't wait to post it tomorrow because it's bound to be a really useful 'cast for people who are curious about that sort of thing.

I also (oh my God!) made my first P.A.N. T-shirt/coffee mug sale. I screamed in delight. Oh my God, that was incredibly exciting.

I mean, really? Really. Really? Really. That's a cool day right there. *nods nods*

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How cruel is the coffee grinder that fails to respond first thing in the morning. What would you do? I considered tea, but then fell back on the default package of pre-ground coffee. Actually, I considered weeping and THEN I discovered the (miraculous) default package of pre-ground coffee.

If you could teach every child in the world just one thing, what would you teach them? I'd teach them critical thinking skills. Maybe I'd teach them critical thinking skills via Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats. As far as I'm concerned, knowing how to analyze and make thoughtful decisions about the world, my problems, and my course of actions is the bedrock of sanity, and it's a far cry away from the intuitive, knee-jerk reactions that so often run our culture.

Update: Today is a very good day to send questions to me in my Poly Advice Nurse capacity. I'm running low on questions! Questions are the fuel upon Poly Advice Nurse runs, so send me a question to polyadvicenurse@gmail.com.
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Smitten misbehavior

Spit is fascinating. Shannah is wise. AiYume is a powerhouse, and Cupcakeofdoom has the sexiest, most whimsical user icon ever seen. I'm hoping that you'll come over and meet the wonderful people on the Poly Advice Nurse Forums . They have candy, I promise.

Episode 43 of Poly Advice Nurse talks about managing your time when you're smitten. I know that I find it waaaaay too easy to spend days at a time in bed with a new sweetheart, forsaking all others and shirking my work and my friends and my hobbies. I am better at this these days, but only begrudgingly so. How do you tend to misbehave when you're smitten?

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Jul. 6th, 2010

Hey, check out shadowwolf13's interactive Love Post; the karma is good there.

Update: I started a thread for kailara--you should totally go add to it.

Poly Advice Nurse Techno Song

The Poly Advice Nurse Techno Song!

Compiled entirely from snippets, bits, and bobs of the P.A.N. 'casts.

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Episode 40 of Poly Advice Nurse talks about depression. I have my own ways of dealing with biochemical mayhem, but I'm curious to know what you do or what you advise for dealing with depression.

This is what I do.

1. Go outside.
2. Visit a friend.
3. Read up on depression.
4. Go swimming.
5. Cook a meal--on the stove, with vegetables.
6. Recognize the fact that I'm depressed and morph into "Okay! It is can be depressed time now! Take steps to feel better!" mode.
7. Nix the guilt and forgive the depressed part; this is no time to cycle downward into self-blame.
8. In a similar vein, don't get too anxious when it's too hard to do any of the above; just keep trying intermittently.

What do you do?

Actually, the above is what I wish I would do. Often it devolves into:

1. Watch Internet televison.
2. Eat freezer meals.
3. Grouse.

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Now *that's* multitasking!

So, so often I wish for the power to have several bodies all hooked up to one mind. I want to go to the store right now, but I also want to go back to bed, but I also want to putter on the Overtubes. Can I has life in parallel now please?

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