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Betty Baker's Blog

"But," she said, "this butter's bitter."

Betty Iris Baker
24 July 1980
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About me:

I am the Poly Advice Nurse! I'm a hard core tea-drinking, wine-tasting, oft-blogging piano teacher. I sleep through the night, play the piano by day, and blog when I'm not napping. I'm a geek with with a way liberal slant when it comes to sex, politics, and religion.

I fit the cultural stereotype of the relatively articulate, attractive nerd-woman. You practically know me already.


Occasionally I make leetle tiny stories. Take a looksee.

June McGees Lemon Tree

Friending policy: Please do friend me. I like people, and this journal is not private.

Sign the guest book and recommend a good book!


(There are angels among us, and they like to thrill my ego.)

From neanahe:

bettybaker is a thoughtful and introspective free spirit. She proves that polite and respectful does not have to equal boring. I highly recommend her to brighten up your friendpage and possibly increase its IQ.

From electragiselle:

bettybaker is the piano teacher that you wish your mother would have sent you to. Always a genuine pleasure to read, "Betty" finds a way to weave a subtle sexiness into each and every post. Quickly becoming an LJ super-star, one only has to browse her journal to see why. In the sea of terrible days narrated by even worse writers, bettybaker is a breath of fresh air, lighting up my friends-list.

From ysgawen:

bettybaker is clever, funny and warm. She has the same effect on my day as a hot, sweet cup of tea and a cream cake.

From the Internet helenangel:

Anyone who is down with alliteration is down with me! All applaud alliteration!

"bettybaker is not complete crap!" - gushes clauderainsrm, "If you want to friend someone who isn't complete crap, here is your chance!"

From onyxblue1:

bettybaker: perfect for those days when you don't want to slit your wrists.

From sofrigginsweet:

bettybaker is the smartest lady ever. EVER. I would so use her for my phone-a-friend on that gameshow thing. And I'm not just saying this hoping that she'll bake for me.

From thesmallwonder:

bettybaker offers a unique perspective and on life, the universe and well, everything. She's spunky and optimistic while still being down to earth and insightful.

From halenray:

bettybaker is all that!

Review the BettyBaker journal.

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I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

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